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Big (1988)

Young Josh, Billy:
The space goes down, down baby, down, down the roller coaster. Sweet, sweet baby, sweet, sweet, don’t let me go. Shimmy, shimmy, cocoa pop. Shimmy, shimmy, rock. Shimmy, shimmy, cocoa pop. Shimmy, shimmy, rock. I met a girlfriend – a triscuit. She said, a triscuit – a biscuit. Ice cream, soda pop, vanilla on the top. Ooh, Shelly’s out, walking down the street, ten times a week. I read it. I said it. I stole my momma’s credit. I’m cool. I’m hot. Sock me in the stomach three more times.

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Föräldrafällan (1998)

Nick Parker:
What’s going on?
Meredith Blake:
Here’s what’s going on, buddy: the day we get married is the day I ship those brats off to Switzerland, get the picture? It’s me, or them. Take your pick.
Nick Parker:
[Hallie and Annie stare at each other excitedly]

Meredith Blake:
Excuse me?
Nick Parker:
T-H-E-M, them.
[staring into Meredith’s face]

Nick Parker:
Get the picture?

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