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Legenden om Tarzan

Legenden om Tarzan (2016)

Jane Porter:
[explaining to George as the village sings around the campfire]
They are singing the legend of Tarzan. For many moons he was thought to be an evil spirit – a ghost in the trees. They speak of his power over the animals of the jungle. Because his spirit came from them. He understood them. And learned to conquer them. His ape mother, Kala, loved him as her own. And his ape brother, Akut, treated him with kindness and respect. He considered all men to be his enemies, since other tribes would hunt his troop as a rite of passage. Chief Muviro knew what he was. You must get to him. Since no man ever started with less.

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London has fallen

London has fallen (2016)

Mike Banning:
[hands Ben a pistol]
Point this end towards the bad guy.
Benjamin Asher:
This is not good, Mike.
Mike Banning:
Stay in here, stay down, and if anybody but me opens that door, you empty that into him.
Benjamin Asher:
What if you don’t come back?
Mike Banning:
You’re fucked.
Benjamin Asher:
Mike Banning:
Don’t jinx me.
[closes the doors]

Benjamin Asher:
That was inspiring…

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