Mickey Blue Eyes

Mickey blue eyes (1999)

[Frank is trying to teach Michael to talk like a mobster] Frank Vitale: Here, try this, ”Hey, fuggeddabout it!” Michael Felgate: Hey, forget about it! Frank Vitale: No, like this, ”Hey, fuggeddabout it!” Change you T’s to D’s. Michael Felgate: Hey, fuggeddaboud id! Frank Vitale: Id? Michael Felgate: You said change Ts to Ds! Frank Vitale: Not the last one! OK, forget that one, try this one, ”Get the hell outta here.” No Rs. Michael Felgate: Get the hail outta hee. Frank Vitale: Not hee! Heah! Michael Felgate: Hee! Frank Vitale: Here. [Hands Michael a pistol] Frank Vitale: Stick it in your pants, maybe you’ll look the part

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