The Mod Squad

The mod squad (1999)

[Julie hits Pete across the head] Julie: Nice job. Pete: Okay, I really did not like that at all, all right? Let me just explain somethin’. I was blending. Julie: You just blended your ass right out of the club, man Pete: Oh, come on! They’re gonna let me back in the club. Julie: Oh no, I believe the words were ”you’re gone for-f*cking-ever.” Greer’s gonna kick your ass Pete: Hey you know what? Eat me. Julie: Come on. Lets go. You wanna lose another fight, Petey? Pete: No. Who was the guy that you were talkin’ to all night? Julie: What guy? Pete: Yeah, ”what guy.” What guy? Linc: A suspect? Julie: What? No. I don’t even know what he’s talkin’ about. God, how could you see anything? You had your head buried in a pair of tits all night. Pete: I could see things because I got eyes behind my head, all right? Julie’s got a boyfriend. Julie’s got… Julie: Please grow up! Pete: Let’s all together, in harmony

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