Palm Springs

Palm Springs (2020)

You get one more sentence.
OK. Even though I pretend not to be I’ve realized that I am completely co-dependent but I’m cool with it because I think that life should be shared now and I need you to survive, but it’s so much more than that: I know you better than anyone knows you and remember the night that we saw the dinosaurs you said it yourself in order to ever really know anyone you need to know the entire package the good and the bad and I’ve seen your package and it is excellent Sarah & you’re my favorite person that I’ve ever met and yes I know that it’s crazy odds that the person I like the most in my entire life would be someone I met while I was stuck in a time loop but you know what else is crazy odds getting stuck in a time loop… I hope that blowing ourselves up works but it’s really irrelevant to me as long as I’m with you and if it kills us well then I’d rather die with you than live in this world without you!

Nyles är en bekymmersfri kille som på ett bröllop i Palm Springs träffar Sarah – en motvillig brudtärna som bara vill att kvällen ska vara över. Dessvärre verkar det inte bättre än att de är utlämnade åt varandra eftersom festkvällen har fastnat och går i loop. Återstår bara att leva som om det inte fanns någon morgondag.

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