21 (2008)

[Cole Williams confronts Micky for the first time again]

Ben Campbell:
[narrating, when we see Micky tied up in the basement of the casino]
I had a 1590 on my SAT. I got a 44 on my MCATs. And I have a 4.0 GPA from MIT. I thought I had my life mapped out. But then I remembered what my Nonlinear Equations professor once told me, always account for variable change.
Cole Williams:
[Cole Williams walks out of the shadows]
Hello, Micky.
Micky Rosa:
Look, I got money in Boston. A hundred grand. I’ll give it to you. If you just let me walk away. I’ll walk away.
Cole Williams:
I don’t want your money, Micky. I don’t need it. But I know someone who might be interested. He’s good with numbers, too. He works for the IRS.

Ben Campbell behöver 300 000 dollar för att bli antagen till Harvard och går därför med i en grupp, ledd av sin matematiklärare, som planerar att vinna miljoner i Las Vegas.

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