Who Is Clark Rockefeller? (2010)

Reigh Boss: Where are we, Daddy? Clark Rockefeller: [while cutting Snooks’ hair, disguising her as a boy] We are in the city of, Baltimore. Which is in the state of, Maryland which borders our Nation’s capital, Washington DC. Reigh Boss: But why? Clark Rockefeller: We’re going to live here, for a little while. Reigh Boss: Does Mommy know, where we are? Clark Rockefeller: Not yet. [Kissed Snooks on the head, of her new look]

Who Is Clark Rockefeller?
  • Mikael Salomon
  • Philip Akin (Det. Lewis Cook)
  • Ted Atherton (Det. John Ryan)
  • Marcia Bennett (Aunt Marjorie)
  • Carleigh Beverly (Meredith)
  • Krista Bridges (Agent Susan Pascale)

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