Världarnas Krig (1983)

Lynn Bernstein: [reading Abraham’s farewell letter written before his capture by The Visitors] ”My dear family: It’s painful knowing that I’ll not see your faces anymore. But I must take this stand for what I know is right. You may think that an old man wouldn’t be afraid to die, but this old man is very frightened. I’m hoping that I’ll find a little of your mother’s dignity and strength. So far, I’m as frightened as a child who fears the dark. But we must fight the darkness that is threatening to engulf us. Each of us must be a ray of hope and do our part and join with the others till we’ve become a blinding light, triumphant over darkness. Until that task is accomplished, life will have no meaning. More than anything, you must remember which side you’re on and fight for it. You mother and I will march beside you, holding hands again. We’ll sing your song of victory. You’ll feel us in your hearts. Our spirit…” Stanley Bernstein: ”Our spirits will be with you always. And our love.” We have to help, or else we won’t have learned a thing

Amerikansk science fiction-thriller från 2005. Ray Ferrier är en frånskild hamnarbetare som har en dålig relation med sina två barn som han har hand om på helgerna. Det blir allt svårare att ta hand om barnen eftersom han hela tiden måste skydda dem från utomjordingarna. Skådespelare: Dakota Fanning, Tim Robbins, Tom Cruise.

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