Tropa de elite (2007)

Trainee officer: [during an information training session] Hey, Coordinator! Capitão Nascimento: Yes, my sir? Trainee officer: Soldier 05 is sleeping. Capitão Nascimento: Hey Soldier 05! [hands 05 a grenade, 05 takes the grendade] André Matias: Yes, sir? Capitão Nascimento: Please take this. [removes the pin] Capitão Nascimento: Hey 05, if you drop this granade you will make the whole place explode. You will blow up ALL of your colleagues, you will blow up all of my auxiliaries, and YOU will make myself explode. Will the sir fall asleep again? André Matias: No sir! Capitão Nascimento: [after 05 stares down the grenade] We are all trusting you, sir

Tropa de Elite
  • José Padilha,
  • André Ramiro
  • Milhem Cortaz
  • Fernanda Machado
  • Wagner Moura
  • Caio Junqueira

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