Step Up 2: The Streets

Step up 2 (2008)

Andie: I remember the first time I saw someone move like they were from another planet, I couldn’t keep my eyes away. I was little mom took me to a jam session in the neighborhood, it started off small but word spread and soon some of the best dancers around were showing up to compete in something they eventually called the streets. It became home, I got a front row seat to history. I wanted to glide and spin and fly like they did, but it didn’t come easy. My mom would tell me don’t give up, just be you, because life’s too short to be anybody else. She was right. When I was 16 my mom got sick and in a couple months she was gone. Everything changed, including the streets

Amerikanskt romantiskt drama från 2008. Step Up 2. En grupp dansare från New York ställer upp i en danstävling där de möter några av världens bästa hip hop-dansare. Skådespelare: Cassie Ventura, Adam G Sevani, Robert Hoffman, Briana Evigan.

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