State of Play

State of play (2009)

Cal McAffrey: Mornin’… Cameron Lynne: So? Where are we, was he nobbing her or not? Cal McAffrey: Morning, Cam… Cameron Lynne: That’s funny about you. Every time your friend runs for re-election or conducts a hearing, you drop his name to me until we give him some coverage… but he finally does something that actually might sell some newspapers, you render mute. It’s, it’s – incongruous! Cal McAffrey: No, it’s not… it’s inconsistent. Cameron Lynne: Pfff, don’t be an ass. What do you think? Those are the ideas for our facelift. I know, I know… it’s crap! Our new owners have this odd idea that we ought to be turning a profit. Cal McAffrey: Yeah, well I hear our online site is doing great. I mean, not that I get to notice that sort of thing. I’ve been here what, uhh… fifteen years? I use a sixteen year old computer… she’s been here fifteen minutes and she can launch a Russian satellite with the gear she’s got. Cameron Lynne: Yeah, she told me you behaved like a pig. Cal McAffrey: That’s too strong. Cameron Lynne: Well, pig-ish. Cal McAffrey: I showed her a little snout, uhuh. Cameron Lynne: Well, I happen to like miss Della Frye… and yes, I did send her down there to winkle something out of you. She’s hungry, she’s cheap and she churns up copy every hour. Cal McAffrey: Yeah, I now… I’m overfed, I’m too expensive and I take way too long. Cameron Lynne: Yes, you do. Cal McAffrey: I was Stephen Collins’ room-mate in college… I don’t live with him now. Cameron Lynne: Well, that’s a shame isn’t it. Cal McAffrey: Yeah… ’cause I could sell some newspapers

Amerikansk thriller från 2009. Kongressmedlemmen Stephen Collins är blivande stjärna i sitt parti, tills hans forskningsassistent och älskarinna mördas och hemligheter uppdagas. Journalisten Cal McCaffrey hamnar i ett dilemma. Å ena sidan är han en gammal vän till Collins, å andra har en obarmhärtig redaktör som ger honom i uppdrag att rapportera om fallet. När Cal och hans partner Della avslöjar en mörkläggning som hotar att skaka hela landets maktstruktur, upptäcker de åtminstone en sanning, när miljarder dollar står på spel är allas integritet och liv hotade. Skådespelare: Helen Mirren, Rachel McAdams, Robin Wright, Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck.

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