Roxanne (1987)

C.D. Bales:
[challenged to think of twenty jokes better than ”Big Nose”]
Let’s start with… Obvious: ’scuse me, is that your nose or did a bus park on your face? Meteorological: everybody take cover, she’s going to blow! Fashionable: you know, you could de-emphasize your nose if you wore something larger, like… Wyoming. Personal: well, here we are, just the three of us. Punctual: all right, Delbman, your nose was on time but YOU were fifteen minutes late! Envious: Ooooh, I wish I were you! Gosh, to be able to smell your own ear! Naughty: uh, pardon me, sir, some of the ladies have asked if you wouldn’t mind putting that thing away. Philosophical: you know, it’s not the size of a nose that’s important, it’s what’s IN IT that matters. Humorous: laugh and the world laughs with you. Sneeze, and it’s goodbye, Seattle! Commercial: hi, I’m Earl Scheib, and I can paint that nose for $39.95! Polite: uh, would you mind not bobbing your head? The, uh, orchestra keeps changing tempo. Melodic: Everybody. He’s got…
The whole world in his nose!
C.D. Bales:
Sympathetic: aw, what happened? Did your parents lose a bet with God? Complimentary: you must love the little birdies to give them this to perch on. Scientific: Say, does that thing there influence the tides? Obscure: whoa! I’d hate to see the grindstone. Well, think about it. Inquiring: when you stop to smell the flowers, are they afraid? French: saihr, ze pigs have refused to find any more truffles until you leave! Pornographic: finally, a man who can satisfy two women at once! How many is that?
Fourteen, Chief!
C.D. Bales:
Religious: the Lord giveth… and He just kept on giving, didn’t He? Disgusting: Say, who mows your nose hair? Paranoid: keep that guy away from my cocaine! Aromatic: it must wonderful to wake up in the morning and smell the coffee… in Brazil. Appreciative: Oooh, how original! Most people just have their teeth capped.
[he pauses, pretending to be stumped, while the crowd urges him on]

C.D. Bales:
All right. Dirty: your name wouldn’t be Dick, would it?

Amerikansk komedi från 1987. Roxanne faller för stilige Christ ovetande om att det egentligen är C D Bales, med den extremt långa näsan, som skrivit alla kärleksbrev till henne. Frågan är om det är Chris eller breven Roxanne blir förälskad i? Och kommer C D berätta för Roxanne vad han egentligen känner för henne?. , Skådespelare: Rick Rossovich, Shelley Duvall, Daryl Hannah, Steve Martin

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