The Campaign

Rivalerna (2012)

Marty Huggins:
Wouldn’t you like to hear Cam Brady recite the Lord’s Prayer?
Cam Brady:
If the media would mind turning off all their recording devices and closing their eyes.
[observes Mitch helping him]

Cam Brady:
Our Father, Art, who is up in Heaven. Aloe Vera be thy name. The thigh… Thy kingdom… come… the magic kingdom. As it is on Earth in a helicopter. Give us this day our daily… pizza. And let us digest it. Forgive us, forgive our passes we forget sometimes. On women folk with their… to dine, like that is a nice caboose you got there.
[is cut off]

Cam Brady:
That’s not part of it, I know that. Keep your heads bowed please. Forgive our tress passes. And lead us not into the Temptations for we are tired of their music and dancing. And deliver us from evil with your sword and mighty falcon. Forever and ever and ever. Amen.

Amerikansk komedi från 2012. Politikern Cam Brady är mitt i en sexskandal när han plötsligt får oväntad politisk konkurrens från Marty Huggins, en turistguide från landet. Bakom honom står två affärsmän som hoppas att den godtrogne Huggins ska kunna bli en lättstyrd marionett. , Skådespelare: Sarah Baker, Katherine La Nasa, Will Ferrell, Dan Aykroyd, Dylan McDermott, Zach Galifianakis, Jason Sudeikis, Brian Cox, John Lithgow

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