Johan Falk: De 107 patrioterna

Patrioter (2012)

[subtitled version] Rättens ordförande: I have to remind that you testify under oath. Seth Rydell: Mm. But I saw nothing. Åklagare: Then perhaps you can explain how you could see nothing. Since you in the police interviews have said that you were in the same shower room. Seth Rydell: Soap, in the eyes. Åklagare: Must surely have heard the scream? Seth Rydell: I could put it like this… If you hear a scream and you stand in the shower in a big fucking shower room and your eyes are full with soap, is your first thought that there’s some poor fellow who’s getting stuffed down in the corner? No, that is hardly the first thought. You’ll think, just as I did, that there is someone who has got soap in their eyes. And I want to add that the County Council’s soap is strong as hell

Amerikansk action från 1992. Före detta agenten Jack Ryan och hans familj är på semester i London, men vid ett besök i Buckingham Palace hamnar de mitt i en terroristattack. Jack lyckas stoppa attentatet, men hans agerande gör honom till måltavla för IRA. Skådespelare: Anne Archer, Patrick Bergin, Harrison Ford.

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