Legion (2010)

When God chose your kind as the object of His love, I was the first in all of heaven to bow down before you. My love, my hope for mankind was no less than His. But I have watched you trample that gift. I have watched you kill each other over race and greed… waging war over dust and rubble and the words in old books. And yet, in the midst of all this darkness, I see some people who will not be bowed. I see some people who will not give up, even when they know all hope is lost. Some people, who realize being lost is so close to being found. I see you, Jeep. Fifteen years old, your mother leaves. Your father withdraws from the world and you spend the next five years of your young life helping him find his way home. You love a woman who bears the child of another and you love her with no thought of yourself, even though you know she may never love you the way you love her. You, Jeep… you are the reason I still have faith.

Amerikansk action från 2010. Efter att en fruktansvärd katastrof drabbat Jorden blir en grupp främlingar strandsatta på en avlägsen plats i sydvästra Amerika. Oavsiktligt blir de mänsklighetens sista försvar när de upptäcker att en ung servitris är gravid med Messias. , Skådespelare: Lucas Black, Charles S. Dutton, Adrianne Palicki, Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid

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