Lady and the Tramp

Lady och Lufsen (1955)

Lady: Oh! Oh, dear! Tramp: Is something wrong, Pidge? Lady: It’s morning. Tramp: Yeah. So it is. Lady: I should have been home hours ago. Tramp: Why? Because you still believe in that old ”in the faithful old dog tray” routine? Aw, come on, Pidge. Open up your eyes. Lady: Open my eyes? Tramp: To what a dog’s life can really be! I’ll show you what I mean. Look down there. Tell me what you see. Lady: Well, I see nice homes, with yards and fences… Tramp: Exactly. Life on a leash. Look again, Pige. Look, there’s a great big hunk of world down there, with no fence around it. Where two dogs can find adventure and excitement. And beyond those distant hills, who knows what wonderful experiences? And it’s all ours for the taking, Pige. It’s all ours. Lady: It sound wonderful. Tramp: But? Lady: But who’d watch over the baby? Tramp: [shaking his head] You win. Come on. I’ll take you home

Amerikansk tecknad film från 1955. Den fina cockerspanieln Lady känner sig åsidosatt när hennes ägare får barn. Hon får tröst av sina hundvänner Jock och Trofast och senare av gathunden Lufsen. Men han ger henne också mycket bekymmer.

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