Kept Woman

Kept woman (2015)

Simon: [the women are bustling on the table and counter when Simon enters, chuckles and inhales food and Robin looks up adoringly] Well, that smells lovely! [turns attention to Jessica] Simon: What are we having? Jessica Crowder: [looking at counter] Roast. Simon: Hmm. You look very nice, Jessica. [Robin’s face falls] Simon: When someone gives you a compliment, it’s polite to respond. Jessica Crowder: [barely looking at him] Thank you. Simon: [walks over to table] And I have a little surprise for you, too! I got you some of the stories I know you like. Maybe it will help stimulate your writing. [smiles] Jessica Crowder: [unenthusiastic] That was nice of you to think of me. [brings over food] Simon: Of course! [grabs drink] Robin Simmons: [earnestly] How’s the drink, Darling? Simon: It’s fine. [turns attention to Jessica] Simon: Jessica, it looks like you went all out. Jessica Crowder: I’m not sure how it’ll taste. Simon: Well, I appreciate the effort. [they look at each other and then Simon grabs a large knife and fork and presents it to her] Simon: You made it. Why don’t you carve it? [his face challenging, he gives her the utensils handle side toward her and blade toward him as suspenseful music plays and her eyes are on him as she slices through the meat slowly and puts it on his plate] Simon: Well, would ya look at that? [concentrating on his meat, Jessica calmly lays the utensils down and goes to the counter and grabs a pan and hits him on the head with it] Robin Simmons: [cries out] No! Jessica Crowder: [hits him again] Ah! [he grunts softly as he hits the floor] Robin Simmons: Stop! Oh! [Jessica just looks at Robin as she walks away]

Kandensisk thriller från 2015. Jessica och hennes fästman Evan flyttar från lägenheten i stan till en idyllisk villaförort efter ett inbrott. Allt är till en början toppen. Jessica ska skriva på sin bok när grannen dyker Simon upp med en flaska vin. Simon är gammaldags, fast i 50-talets stil och värderingar. Och han har en källare helt inredd som ett rum ur den epoken. Skådespelare: Shaun Benson, Andrew W. Walker, Courtney Ford.

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