I Skottlinjen (1993)

Hunter: Was that you shooting? Leary: Yes. Hunter: That’s a cool gun you got there. Could I see it? [Leary gives him the gun] Hunter: Shit, that’s light! What’s it made of? Leary: Composite. Like plastic. Hunter: Mind if I give it a little dance? [Leary shrugs. The hunter shoots a duck] Hunter: That is great! That is really really great! You wouldn’t want to sell it would you? Leary: No, I need it. Hunter: For what? Leary: To assassinate the president. [Hunters laugh] Hunter: Now what do you want to do that for, mister? Leary: Why’d you kill that bird, asshole? [proceeds to nonchalantly kill both of the hunters with his gun] Share this Share this: Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Permalink Hide options

I Skottlinjen
  • Wolfgang Petersen
  • Clint Eastwood (Secret Service Agent Frank Horrigan)
  • John Malkovich (Mitch Leary)
  • Rene Russo (Secret Service Agent Lilly Raines)
  • Dylan McDermott (Secret Service Agent Al D’Andrea)
  • Gary Cole (Secret Service Presidential Detail Agent-In-Charge Bill Watts)
  • Fred Dalton Thompson (White House Chief of Staff Harry Sargent)
  • Tobin Bell (Mendoza)
  • Jeff Apple

Filmtrailer för I Skottlinjen

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