Flight of the Phoenix (2004)

Frank Towns: Why give people false hope? Liddle: Come on man.Most people spend their whole lives hanging on to hopes and dreams that are never going to come true but they hold on to them. Why are you going to give up on them now when you need them most? Frank Towns: You are assuming I’m one of those people who has hopes and dreams. Liddle: I find it hard to believe that a man who learns to fly never had a dream. Frank Towns: Look, how can I let those people build that plane when I don’t believe it will work? And, every day they waste trying to build it brings them one day closer to dying. Liddle: I think a man only needs one thing in life. He just needs someone to love. If you can’t give him that, then give him something to hope for. And if you can’t give him that, just give him something to do. [James tosses the water bottle back to Frank and walks away] Frank Towns: James, you’ll never make it. Liddle: Then I’ll die trying. There are people counting on me. Frank Towns: Okay, Okay, Okay. Okay. We’ll build it. Just come back with me.

Flight of the Phoenix
  • Dennis Quaid
  • Tyrese Gibson
  • Giovanni Ribisi
  • Hugh Laurie

Filmtrailer för Flight of the Phoenix

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