Crossing Over (2009)

Special Agent Howell: You see what’s interesting Miss Shepard is we ran a check on your name. A Claire Shepard arrived on a B-2 visitors visa seven months ago and then just two days ago she has her status adjusted to an EB-1 green card for persons of extraordinary ability. According to The Internet Movie Database, the only Claire Shepard that matches your spelling, age and place of birth has two credits on little known Aussie TV shows. Walk on roles. She hasn’t won any national or international awards Special Agent Ludwig: Which is something the adjudicator who handled your case would have to have been aware of and yet he approved you for an EB-1. Miss Shepard we’d like you to tell us about your relationship with center adjudications officer Cole Frankel?

Crossing Over
  • Wayne Kramer
  • Harrison Ford
  • Ray Liotta
  • Ashley Judd
  • Jim Sturgess
  • Cliff Curtis

Harrison Ford och ensemble förmår inte att övertyga i detta myller av människoöden och kulturer som har illegal invandring som gemensam nämnare.

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