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Skyline (2010)

Oliver: All right. Let’s say we make it out of the building… across the marina, down the docks, we even find your friend’s boat and we take off and everything. Then what? Jarrod: We get the hell away from here! Oliver: Where to? Catalina? Down the coast? Jarrod: Anywhere but here! Oliver: How do you know? How do you know those things will not follow us? How do you know this isn’t happening all over the world. We’re safe here. We’re here. We’re alive

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Alpha och Omega (2010)

Humphrey: Truth is… i liked you ever since i saw you at the Moonlight Howl. You’re the most amazing girl I’ve ever met. But now, you’re gonna get married with a guy you don’t even know. After all we’ve been through for the past few days, you’re getting married and you never told me that. Kate: Humphrey, i like you too. You’re like the sweetest guy Omega i’ve ever met. But i’m doing this to set things right. Humphrey: I know that, but i still feel kinda… you know… empty. Kate: [kisses him] I know how you feel and i’m sorry

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