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Skyline (2010)

Oliver: All right. Let’s say we make it out of the building… across the marina, down the docks, we even find your friend’s boat and we take off and everything. Then what? Jarrod: We get the hell away from here! Oliver: Where to? Catalina? Down the coast? Jarrod: Anywhere but here! Oliver: How do you know? How do you know those things will not follow us? How do you know this isn’t happening all over the world. We’re safe here. We’re here. We’re alive

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The ghost writer (2010)

The Ghost: I really don’t think this is a good idea. Richard Rycart: You have no choice. The Ghost: Emmett must have told Lang I’ve been to see him. Richard Rycart: So what’s he going to do about it? Dump you in the ocean? The Ghost: Well it happened before. Richard Rycart: Which means it can’t happen again. He can’t drown two ghost writers, for God’s sake. You’re not kittens

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