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A history of violence (2005)

Edie Stall: My husband does not know you. He wouldn’t know you, somebody like you. Carl Fogaty: Oh, he knows Carl Fogarty all right. He knows me intimately. See? [points to his clouded left eye] Carl Fogaty: This isn’t a completely dead eye, it still works a bit. The problem is, the only thing I can see with it is Joey Cusack, and it can see right through him… right through your husband, Edie. I see what’s inside him, what makes him tick. He’s still the same guy. He’s still crazy fucking Joey! And you know it, don’t you? How much do you really know about your husband, Edie? Where he’s from, where he’s been, his life before he met you some 20 years ago? Edie Stall: I know that my husband is Tom Stall. That’s what I know. That’s all I need to know. Carl Fogaty: Yeah? Well, why don’t you ask ”Tom” about his older brother Ritchie in Philadelphia? Ask ”Tom” how he once tried to rip my eye out with barbed wire. And ask him, Edie… ask him how come he’s so good at killing people

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Stealth – det osynliga hotet (2005)

Capt. George Cummings: [as Purcell turns around in shock over getting a fourth wingman in the squadron] What’s the problem, Purcell? You look like you just been hit in the gut. Lt. Henry Purcell: Well, for one, Captain, we’ve been flying together for a long time, and it’s good; but FOUR is an unlucky number. Capt. George Cummings: Unlucky? Lt. Henry Purcell: Yeah! It’s not a prime number. See, prime numbers can only be divided by one or itself. THREE is a prime number. The Holy Trinity? The thesis and antithesis that come together to form the synthesis… Capt. George Cummings: Look! This is not a seminar on metaphysics, son. This is the U.S. Navy. Now we ship out Wednesday at oh five hundred. Dismissed. Lt. Henry Purcell: Okay. IF he’d let me finish I was gonna say Three’s Company, Three Stooges, Three Musketeers, three-peat, three strikes you’re out, ”Three Times a Lady”. Lt. Kara Wade: Three dimensions? Lt. Henry Purcell: Three Blind Mice. Lt. Ben Gannon: Menage a trois. Don’t forget that one. Right

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