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Gremlins 2: Det nya gänget (1990)

Peggy, the Lab Receptionist: Dr. Catheter, this just came for you. Dr. Catheter: Ah, splendid. This must be my malaria. [sees it’s not] Dr. Catheter: Rabies. I’ve got rabies, and I’m supposed to get the flu this week. Peggy, the Lab Receptionist: I think we have the flu out on back order. [sneezes into tissue] Dr. Catheter: May I have that Peggy? Peggy, the Lab Receptionist: Sure. Dr. Catheter: Thank you. [stuffs it into his pocket; muttering to himself] Dr. Catheter: Back order, back order. All a man wants is some fresh germs!

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Jakten På Röd Oktober (1990)

Jeffrey Pelt: Mr. Ambassador, you have nearly a hundred naval vessels operating in the North Atlantic right now. Your aircraft has dropped enough sonar buoys so that a man could walk from Greenland to Iceland to Scotland without getting his feet wet. Now, shall we dispense with the bull? Ambassador Lysenko: You make your point as delicately as ever, Mr. Pelt.

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