Bring It On: All or Nothing

Bring it on: All or nothing (2006)

Britney: [Walks into classroom, and everybody turns around to look] Is this English? Are you Mrs Webster? Mrs. Webster: It is, I am, and you’re late. Britney: Well, I was going through airport security. Mrs. Webster: Class, this is Britney Allen, and she’s a transfer student from Pacific Vista. Camille: [whispers] She’s one of them PV bitches. Leti: [mutters in spanish] Mendiga gringa. Mrs. Webster: Now find a seat and copy the board. Britney: You want me to copy all of that? Can’t you just give it to me in like, a book? Mrs. Webster: [Class snickers] I’m sorry Miss Allen, but we don’t have enough books for everyone. Now I wouldn’t want to single you out and give you one, we wouldn’t want the other students to think that you’re more important than them now would we? Britney: [everybody looks at Britney] … no. Mrs. Webster: Good guess. Britney: I know! You can email it to me! Mrs. Webster: [class laughs] You think that if we don’t have books we’d have computers? I’m glad you have a sense of humour. Now find a seat

Amerikansk komedi från 2006. En bortskämd hejarklacksledare tvingas gå med i en hejarklacksgrupp från en rivaliserande fattigare skola, efter att familjens förmögenhet är borta. Kan hon bryta med den värld hon kommer ifrån och lyckas få nya vänner i den nya skolan?. Skådespelare: Gus Carr, Marcy Rylan, Solange Knowles, Hayden Panettiere.

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